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7-30-2014-Purchased a Marketside Chef Salad at the Neighborhood Market, in Nampa, ID. We've bought them before, but this one had NASTY tasting cherry tomatoes in it! They were bitter and tasted like I was eating chemicals. I only ate one. My husband ate one also, and he said the same thing about his, before I said anything about mine! I think their freshness guarantee is not correct. And if you try to go to THEIR complaint website... Read more

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Marketside - Bad lettuce
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I just bought a Marketside Ceasar salad kit this morning 1/29/16 at Walmart. Expiration date said Feb 3rd 2016. More than half of the lettuce was brown and wilted as if it were over 2 weeks old. I was truly upset as this was a purchase for my lunch at work so now I have to go out an buy something else because it's inedible Not sure what I did with receipt but I certainly would like my money back. Also issue with the website as it doesn't ... Read more

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Marketside - Review about Southwest Chopped Salad from Virginia Beach, Virginia
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I bought a bag salad today to feed to my family and I was disgusted when I opened the bag to find mold growing on the cheese. It was foul and I had to throw all of the salad away. I am very unhappy and will not be buying or recommending marketside brands to anyone. Read more

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You can only use 1/4 of the spinach by the time it expires. I think it expires way before the printed expiration date.

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Marketside Baby Spinach Review
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I WISH I was here to simply complain about some missing dressing or croutons, as in some other reviews I've read! Unfortunately, my experience is much worse! While fixing my salad, I noticed something on a piece of my spinach. As I examined it closer, it looks like eggs of some sort! I am completely disgusted! I have seen that I am not only person who has found something disturbing in their food. This company needs to change their practice of... Read more

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Marketside Supermarkets and Malls complaint 56643
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Bought a Marketside chicken Caesar salad just disgusting! found A Lady Bug On The Lettuce while eating it !

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Marketside Family Size Caesar Salad complaint 169914
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I found a chunk of cardboard in my Family Size Caesar Salad

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Today, Nov.16,'16 @6:30 P.M, I went to Walmart located in 1400 S. Lamb Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89104. I tried 2 price match 20 pcs of "GHIRARDELLI" .8 to 6 oz chocolate from Walgreens . The supervisor only want me to have 2 piece if I'll price match. When she didn't let me do this I asked her to call her manager. A woman name is LOANN, (Perhaps Hawain or Samoan) ages between 40 to 50 years old come up to me and said, " I can only let you... Read more

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Bought 2 salads, Ranch Cobb Salad, at Walmart in Grand Blanc Mi on Tuesday July 7. Should have been labeled chopped lettuce as 99% was lettuce. The "core" from a head of lettuce was thrown in. Not much bacon or cheese included for the amount of lettuce. Very poor value at $3.99 each. A refund would be appreciated. Oops, must submit 100+ words. I thought my description was adequate for such a minor problem. What purpose would 100+ words... Read more

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Review about Marketside Chicken Caesar Salad from Nashville, Arkansas
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I purchased this marketside chicken caesar salad tonight from our one and only friendly walmart store you can see the romaine lettuce was wilted, brown, and slimy. THE date is use by 11/22 . I am always reluctant to purchase packaged first I thought it was a random few pieces of lettuce, the good looking salad was covering the bad..if I didnt know better I would think this was packaged like this on purpose (I am just... Read more

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