7-30-2014-Purchased a Marketside Chef Salad at the Neighborhood Market, in Nampa, ID. We've bought them before, but this one had NASTY tasting cherry tomatoes in it!

They were bitter and tasted like I was eating chemicals. I only ate one. My husband ate one also, and he said the same thing about his, before I said anything about mine! I think their freshness guarantee is not correct.

And if you try to go to THEIR complaint website (www.Marketside.com), all you get is "w1" to come up on the screen, whatever that means.

May never buy them again! And we've bought a lot of their products in the past!

Review about: Marketside Salad.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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Marketside will continue to go downhill because they DO NOT care at all about their crap salads and the health or satisfaction of their customers. Thanks for not much Marketside and making me go hungry at lunch over five times, I quit you!

Terrible products, no resolutions and looking forward to you going out of business so a quality company can take your place. Buh Bye!


I called and complained to this number and they sent me a gift card reimbursing me for all my bad salads. You should too if you still have the containers!



I bought a Chicken Creaser salad yesterday and found a bug in my salad as I was eating it. yuck!

to Anonymous Buffalo, New York, United States #1305395

I just had the same thing happen to me yesterday when I was eating my 2nd serving of it! YUCK doesn't even describe how I felt. I buy all the time and this was the first time this happened.


I just bought a ranch Cobb salad. It tastes like chemicals...

First & last time I'm ever buying a salad from Walmart.

& it's funny, they have a label saying if you have questions or comments, go to Marketside.com, but the website doesn't exist.


I purchased the Marketside Asian chopped salad. I found a chunk of wood in it that looked like a carrot.

I contacted the company by phone and was told to save the piece of wood, I would be sent a mailer to send it back.

I got a $5 gift card that doesn't work and no mailer...talk about pissed. Am I?!


Purchased a Marketside Seafood salad from our local Walmart. Opened it for lunch and the grape tomatoes are mushy and slimy!

I've never been disappointed in this product until now. Unable to log on to website either to report problem. I picked them off and tried to eat the salad anyway.

Spoiled taste throughout. No lunch, out 4 bucks


9/15/15 Purchased the Marketside Fresh Garden Salsa. Half way into the salsa and dipped out a paper label "Cilantro Produce of". Feeling ill!


I have been buying the fresh green beans for years now and I always love them but,today I bought 2 bags at the local Wal-Mart and I lost halve of the beans. They were mushy and smelly. The second bag was good I only lost 25 beans,but I am not happy that they would leave a product out for someone to but them.


I found a giant grasshopper in my bag of spinach!!!

Grand Prairie, Texas, United States #1018957

I just bought the Asian salad and it had silver(ish) pieces in it. At first I thought it was my tooth filling but upon inspection of the salad, I found more pieces.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #997654

just found a grasshopper in my tub og mixed greens marketside salad


Eaten better- eaten far worse- what do you expect for 3.69 ?

Problably buy again with some salted sardines-

-last stop down River. M Robichaux , Meaux ,Louisiana


I just got a salad from there and there was a ladybug in my salad. Not cool

Avon Park, Florida, United States #974196

bought the blue cheese dressing NEVER again they FORGOT the BLUE CHEESE! Bought at WalMart

Oxford, Maine, United States #962866

Bought chicken Caesar salad it was good but wish they wouldn't put the lettuce core in there to..needs to be just leafs no white had cores..


I also bought a Ranch Cobb Salad today and it is full of chunks of brown lettuce!

Will Not buy another again.

What do you expect though...


I bought mine at the WM close to the Virginia Beach, VA,

Nimmo Prkwy.

Chinchilla, Pennsylvania, United States #942361

I just bought marketside mild pico de gallo from Walmart in lancaster,pa. This is the 3rd time that it is extra hot.

The seeds are all throughout it. I'm soooo disappointed.

Tried to go on marketplace.com. Of course the site is not available.

Houston, Texas, United States #938371

Kale salad, I purchased at Wal-Mart store, in humble, Texas , is horrible. Its make my stomach ache and it had fun smell.

I eat 3 bites and couldn't take the smell. Later, about 15 minutes the symptom started hurting.

So, hopefully. I wont have to go to doctor.

to patra shepherd Houston, Texas, United States #938375

Its from product Marketplace, which suppose to have health line of foods.

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