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Organic Romain lettuce

Is ur current organic Romain lettuce also recalled? Appreciate ur prompt answer as I was going to use it for thanksgiving Dinner Tomorrow. Thank u.s sp


Marketside Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts


I am curious regarding the manner in which your boneless, skinless chicken are killed and bled. What is the slaughtering process and how do you dispose of the blood?

Thank you,

Scarlett Hernandez


Romaine lettuce

I purchased Marketside spring mix from Walmart and was concerned where the romaine lettuce in the mix came from. Can you tell me?


Apples & Caramel

Do You All Still Sale The Apples & Caramel ?


Marketside little dipping sauce

I'm wondering where you can find and buy your sweet and sour dipping sauce in Michigan


Sodium Content

Your wraps and products have a great flavor but my husbands ankles swell from your food because of the sodium content. Is there not a version of LOW sodium products that you have?


Vanilla Bean Dip

Love, love, love your Vanilla Bean Dip. When are you going to make it available for sale again.

I did buy a fruit platter from Walmart this last week and it had the vanilla dip in it. Please let me know...

thank you.... FYI - I live in Arizona USA



Hi are your vegetables grown in cow manure?


Bad tuna salad

Yes I just got home I live along ways away from Walmart got home to eat some tuna salad and it was runied. I really was looking forward to it


Is any part of the processing or packaging of the Marketside chicken happening outside of the US, specifically in China?


How to launch a complaint

A dead moth was in our bag of marketside premium romaine salad from Wal-Mart , wauseon ohio


Can I still use my cole slaw dressing if I didn't refrigerate it right away?

I bought 2 bottles of the cole slaw dressing and my daughter put it in the pantry instead of the refridgerator. Is it still good?


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