WalMart will stock a good item, then when it is popular it is replaced with an inferior store brand (Great Value, Marketside, etc....one of Walmart's own brands). Like Marzetti's Balsamic Dressing has been replaced with Marketside Balsamic Dressing.

This week I noticed Starbucks coffee Kcups have been replaced with Great Value coffee Kcups. Varieties of food are slowly being replaced with WalMart's brands. I spoke to the manager last year, told him I could look down aisles and see the Great Value white labels increasing weekly. His answer: "I went to a meeting.

This was discussed and soon Great Value will have more colorful labels"! America, this is how *** WalMart thinks we are...just change the labeling...they'll never notice. Greedy WalMart came to this town, drove out lots of Mom & Pop stores, and an Albertsons Grocery Store. They are a monopoly...

and they get bigger and richer and more powerful. Fighting back is almost impossible for the people. So....I drive 15 miles to the next town and shop for variety in other grocery stores.

WalMart is there, too. I smile to myself, drive on by and spend my money elsewhere.

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Boyertown, Pennsylvania, United States #591594

uh.. I still see Starbucks K cups as well as many other brands.

I just think you're on drugs when you go shopping. and I highly doubt Walmart cares about you spending your afternoons driving out of your way to smile at their store while you pass by.

Rapid City, South Dakota, United States #589709

I'm sure WalMart does what most stores do, handle the brand that sells the most. The store brands are manufactured the same places and the brand names.

They are just shipped to the store warehouse, where their people put on the store brand labels. The big name brands pay the manufacturer to put their labels on the product.

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